HOMETESTSSUNO.AI – create your song in mere seconds

SUNO.AI – create your song in mere seconds

  1. Create your song with Suno
  2. Enter a short prompt including the music gendre
  3. Enjoy

The following prompt produced two variations of a song for this blog with the title “AI Goove Machine”:


Version 1:

Version 2:

Let me know in the comments, which version you prefer!


Listen up y’all
Gonna lay it down real clear
Talking ’bout this blog
AI-In-Control.com right here
It’s all about responsible AI
That’s the key
Trusting our digital friends for the good of humanity

Now let me tell ya ’bout this trusty AI tool
Giving us the power
Making life real cool
We gotta use it wisely
Let’s keep it in check
Benevolent AI
That’s what we gotta respect

Spreading the good word
Teaching us how to let AI’s kindness be heard
From healthcare to the environment
And everything in between
We can use AI to make the world a better scene

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